Massage & Bodywork (Mobile Services Only)
Provided at your residence, business, hotel, resort, yacht, country club

Pricing is subject to change based upon
your therapeutic needs and starts at
60 minutes...$55
75 minutes...$65
90 minutes...$75
120 minutes...$100

When booking an appointment for musculoskeletal conditions,
 or to address several areas of concern on your body,
sessions will often exceed the scheduled amount of time booked.
 I do not believe in time limits when thoroughly addressing your therapeutic needs.
That is because my main focus is to help you feel and perform better.
If necessary, expect to factor in additional time and cost.

YES, I will negotiate a better price for you when booking a longer appointment!

Accepted Forms of Payment:
Cash,Credit Cards,PayPal,Money Orders,Personal Checks

Services Provided:
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Rehabilitative, Pregnancy, Geriatric,

Myofascial release, Advanced Stretching Techniques, and Corrective Exercise.

Chair Massage Services:

Can be provided at many venue's like: Parties, Events,

Conventions, Meetings, Employee Appreciation Day.

Multiple massage therapists are available if needed.

(Cost ranges from $50-$100 per hour, per therapist)  

Client Dress Code:
Stay fully or partially clothed during a session
by wearing comfortable attire, sweats, T-Shirt, or undergarments.

For those comfortable without clothing, draping is still used.

Products Used
All Natural(Paraben Free)Hypoallergenic

Health Concerns:
Consult your doctor with concerns 
about receiving a massage,

if you have ongoing health issues or are taking medications.

Client Assessment is suggested prior to appointments, along with

filling out a Health Intake Form to better understand your needs. 

Cancellation Policy for "Out of Area Services":
All services beyond 25 miles of Satellite Beach Florida

are considered "Out of Area" and requires Pre-Payment of 50%

(Includes Travel Fee + Cost of Services)
And is
NON-Refundable when cancelling for any reason. 

Travel Fees From Satellite Beach Florida Range From:

 I travel throughout Florida, and charge a Fee based on distance traveled.

Additional Fees May Include:

Tolls, parking fees, and lodging (if necessary). 

Want to Learn Massage Therapy?
I can teach you to massage family, friends, and loved ones.

To Set Up An Appointment:

Are you in Canada? Call me at: 321.549.2530

Joe LaTorre, Massage Therapy Instructor

Satellite Beach, Florida Resident 

Call: 305.793.0208
 (Available 7 Days)